This has been a very busy year with The Piracy Project and Invisible Spaces of Parenthood going at full swing. I'll try to keep the site updated from now on but to hear on the last news or follow content related to the projects the easiest way is to follow me on twitter.


2013 News


The Invisible Spaces of Parenthood Manual has been officially launched. We tried to cover as much as the research as possible, the documentation of most of the events and also commissioned a few essays from some of participants or visitors to the projects. The project will continue in different formats.
You can buy the ISP manual from The Showroom if you drop them an email


The Piracy Project has been re-allocated to The Showroom at London. It's great to have all the books accessible to the public again. We will host a series of events this year, dates and speakers to be confirmed.


If you are interested in any of the projects, to know more or to collaborate, please e-mail me at And sorry for the contact problems before, my email was fixed.